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Billings is great!!
Thursday, February 19, 2015, 11:14 AM


Billings is such a great place to call home. Surrounded by the majestic Rimrocks, Billings has views like none other. There is so much to keep you busy year round and here are just a few suggestions for you and your family.

Moss Mansion

This historical mansion was built in 1903 by Preston Boyd Moss. The youngest daughter, Melville Moss, was the last Moss to live in the mansion, moving out in the mid 80s. Although she moved out the house and its original fixtures remain intact.

Step into history with their one hour guided tours. Many events also take place throughout the year involving the great community of Billings. Visit for more information.


ZooMontana is the regions only zoo. With over 70-acres, the zoo is home to both native and non-native species, specializing in northern-latitude animals. Visitors can admire animals in a natural setting, housed in state-of-the-art exhibits. Major exhibits include Amur Tigers, River Otters, Grizzly Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Gray Wolves, Red Pandas, Bald Eagle, Canada Lynx and a turn of the century homestead stead house and barn. Visit to see what else they have to offer you and the kids.

Wise Wonders

Wise Wonders is an emerging children's museum in Billings, MT. Engaging curious, creative, and scientific minds through playful learning experiences for all children. Contact or call (406) 272-9975 for more information on this great adventure.

For more exciting things to experience in Billings visit